Arthritis is one of the most common, yet least understood, diseases in modern day medicine. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an ‘elderly disease’, as over 66% of arthritis sufferers are under the age of 65. Many even believe it to be a singular disease, instead of the umbrella condition that it is playing host to over 100 specific and different arthritic diseases. It seems these days that almost everyone is in some way affected by arthritis. According to the CDC, over 55 million Americans suffer from some form of the disease, with more than 120 million in Europe as well.

It can be difficult to treat. Put simply, arthritis is the inflammation of your joints. This inflammation becomes a catalyst for joint pain, stiffness and a decrease in your range of motion. The question is, how do you treat it? Many arthritis sufferers fall into the trap of anti-inflammatory dependency. Long-term use of these medications can create harm to the stomach and even interact with the effectiveness of heart and blood pressure medications. Sure, these medications can be incredibly effective in reducing inflammation and providing fast pain relief, but there must be a safer and more natural way to improve and manage your arthritis symptoms, right?

Here are four NATURAL ways to improve and manage arthritis.



This one seems simple but it is important to note. Extra weight and fat causes unnecessary stress on your joints. If you have arthritis, these joints are already under stress caused by the inherent inflammation, and adding any more to this equation simply does not help.

Not only will weight maintenance reduce the stress placed on your joints, but it will also strengthen the muscles surrounding them and help to provide more support. In fact, exercise is recognized as one of the best ways to treat arthritis. 

The secret to maintaining a healthy weight is simple, it lies in keeping a healthy, balanced diet, staying active and using the appropriate supplements. NATUREAL’s Revert Drops are the perfect example of such a supplement. It stimulates your body into natural thermogenesis. This exclusive formula not only detoxes the body, but contains a blend of potent amino acids like beta-alanine, tryptophan, and L-Arginine that work together to support weight loss and physical performance. Using effective supplements like this will aid you in maintaining your ideal weight.

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We all know that calcium is perhaps the most important vitamin to help maintain healthy bones. Thousands of clinical trials have been conducted, generating a consensus among nutritionists, doctors, and scientists that calcium positively increases bone mineral density and reduces the risk of initial fractures in arthritis sufferers. However, most of us are continuing to either ignore this or take calcium wrong.

Ideally, each adult should be ingesting between 1000mg and 1200mg daily. Much of this can be attained from a natural diet. Foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt provide the body with between 300mg and 400mg each standard serve. When maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, the average adult will generally receive their recommended intake of calcium each day, however, in some instances, calcium supplements may be required.

Absorption, in this case, is almost as important as the calcium content of the supplement. Calcium is more efficiently absorbed in the body 500mg at a time and when taken with meals. The reason for this is the stomach acid produced when eating aids in the absorption of calcium in the body. Another important aid in absorption is vitamin D, which brings us to our third natural way to treat and prevent osteoarthritis.



Sufficient Vitamin D intake is crucial to sufferers of arthritis. Most notably, if you suffer from arthritis you are statistically likely to already have a Vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the fact that many arthritis patients are prescribed oral steroids for their condition, which makes patients two times more likely to develop a vitamin D deficiency. Even without regular oral steroids you may not be getting your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D. Just over half of adults in the United States are currently receiving enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial in strengthening the immune system, assisting in calcium absorption, preserving knee cartilage, reducing inflammation, improving muscle movement and even decreasing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women.

The great thing about Vitamin D is that you can absorb it naturally in many ways. Most easily is simply standing in the sun. 10 minutes of walking in the sun each day can provide over 10,000 International Units of Vitamin D, which along with a well-balanced diet is as much of it as you will need. You may need to pay more attention to your Vitamin D intake in the winter or in instances where you are not getting the recommended amount of exposure to the sun. In these cases, it is important to source your Vitamin D properly in dietary adjustments and supplements. Health professionals recommend 2000 IU of Vitamin D each day in winter. This is easily attainable by adjusting your diet. Simple foods like salmon can provide 500IU of Vitamin D per 100g!



When suffering from arthritis, it is incredibly important to make sure that when you exercise, you do so correctly. Weight-bearing exercises like jogging and running can cause damage to your joints by adding further pressure to them when already under inflammatory stress. This raises the question of how to maintain a healthy weight without our traditional weight-bearing exercises like jogging. The answer is a combination of non-weight-bearing exercises, stretching, and range of motion exercises.

Exercises like cycling and swimming are excellent fat burning activities that do not put the same strain and stress on your body as jogging and running. Cycling helps to build muscle around joints commonly associated with arthritic conditions, like the knee and feet. Swimming is a whole body workout, aiding muscle growth in areas like the shoulders, arms, back and legs. By incorporating non-weight-bearing activities like these, you can help reduce your arthritic discomfort.

Many with arthritis fall into the trap of reducing their range of motion. Keeping joints still when suffering from arthritis-related pain can provide immediate relief, however doing so can be damaging to your flexibility and range of motion in your joints, eventually causing more pain and discomfort. Stretching for as little as 10 minutes each day will aid in improving flexibility and range of motion of your muscles and joints, which will help to reduce arthritic pain.

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