May is the national month for awareness of high blood pressure and hypertension conditions, and, with the recently revised guidelines released by the American Heart Association, there has never been more evidence that more attention needs to be paid to this condition. Almost half of all Americans can now be classified as suffering from high blood pressure. Add this to the 1 billion people with high blood pressure all around the world and a dark picture of the future of our health begins to form. With this is mind, let’s look at the 5 foods you MUST include in your diet to help regulate your blood pressure.



Yogurt is one of the easiest foods to include in our diets and one of the most effective foods in combating high blood pressure. In 2016, the American Heart Association found that women who included yogurt 5 or more times a week in their diet could reduce their risks of later developing high blood pressure by up to 20%. Start your morning routine with a cup of natural yogurt!



Unsalted and unflavoured nuts and seeds are some of the most nutritious and vitamin rich foods that we can include in our diets. Importantly, they contain high amounts of omega 3 and magnesium, both vitamins, that are important in the regulation of your blood pressure. Consider introducing pistachios and sunflower seeds into your diet.



With many types of fruit juice, like apple and orange juice, people find themselves drinking liters each day trying to achieve the desired health effects. While this can be great to achieve your recommended daily intake of vitamins like Vitamin C, the high content of natural sugars can cause damage to your health. This shows off, in part, the beauty of pomegranates. With only 2 ounces a day, you can significantly lower your blood pressure AND cholesterol. 



Kale truly is a super food! It can be extremely effective in lowering your blood pressure. Its high potassium content will aid your kidneys in passing on your excess sodium through urine. Try mixing kale with toasted pine nuts for additional magnesium.



Similarly to kale, bananas are high in potassium, so they will help your kidneys to rid your body of any excess sodium. Including just two bananas a day into your diet can help to reduce your blood pressure by as much as 10%!


Try including these 5 foods regularly into your diet to better regulate your blood pressure. Consult a healthcare professional for further advice.