The Probiotic Difference

 The Probiotic Difference

The Probiotic Difference

With all the information that is out there on the science of probiotics, it can be confusing as well as difficult to comprehend. The benefit of a solid probiotic added to your daily routine far outweighs the ability to understand exactly what it does. However, for the sake of understanding, let’s take a look at the basic definition of a probiotic.

Probiotics are good bacteria that are introduced to the body through either nutritional supplements or they can also be added to foods for their health benefits. The name probiotics makes up a fairly broad category. In general we tend to stop when we hear the word bacteria and think twice about ingesting these. However, the bacteria found in probiotics are helpful to our digestive tract, as opposed to the illness-causing bacteria we try to eliminate and kill off through the use of antibiotics.

What you may not know is that the bacteria found in probiotics already reside in our digestive system. The practice of taking a probiotic supplement is merely to increase the amount of good bacteria as well as diversify the various types of other health beneficial bacteria. In a startling study performed by the CDC, it is estimated that the bacteria that coexist with our bodies outnumber our bodily cells by three to ten times. There are tons of these little organisms living on or in us. The reality is that it all comes down to a balance of good versus bad. Too much bad bacteria and an infection will be soon to follow.

Probiotic supplements are made up of microscopic yeasts and bacteria. Good probiotics will contain live specimens with a delivery system that protects these organisms. This way many more can make it through the digestive system, and on to the intestines where they are able to colonize and do the most good.

To answer why we need these bacteria in our bodies is still unclear to modern medicine; however, we can begin to understand the benefit that they provide. Study results show that they provide effective over all health benefits, play an active role in digestive health as well as serve a multitude if other functions in our overall health.

Along with health benefits probiotics provide us, they can also help in our weight management journey.  Probiotics in a recent study have been seen to help reduce the number of calories that you absorb. They also affect hormones and proteins related to appetite and fat storage. Some contain properties that help fight inflammation, which can drive obesity. The verdict and studies are ongoing, however, certain probiotic strains may be able to prevent weight gain on a high-calorie diet.

We still are in the beginning stages as a scientific community in truly understanding the probiotic difference. All signs point towards promising outcomes and we will continue to evolve as a community with the newest research. In the meantime, NATUREAL Probiotic formula delivers four of the heartiest probiotic strains to defend against bacterial and fungal invaders like candida and even helps to alleviate various allergy symptoms. Whether taken with our other products or as a stand-alone supplement, the benefit and difference is clear.