NATUREAL Presents The Best Body Cleanse For Detoxing The Body

The present day is a beautiful time to be alive, possibly the best time in history. Scientific and societal advances have reached far beyond our wildest dreams and humble beginnings. Life expectancy has never been higher; child mortality is at an all-time low, and the general population has reached levels of education unheard of one hundred years ago. But there is one downside of living in modernity, and it has far-reaching and dangerous repercussions.

Never in history has the human body been exposed to so many contaminants at one time. We are constantly being bombarded and assaulted with all manner of toxins, pollutants, and environmental contaminants. The worst part is that most of us are utterly oblivious to this fact. Modern diets are composed of heavily modified and processed food items. Additives, food colorings, preservatives, and other chemicals are copiously added to foods to enhance flavor and prolong shelf life. Air pollution has skyrocketed in recent decades and in some cities breathing is equivalent to smoking dozens of cigarettes.

These chemical compounds present a severe health risk, and at one point or another have been associated with various types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders, skin conditions, and even cognitive and neurological deficiencies. It is of the utmost importance that we actively search for ways in which to minimize the effects of these contaminants.

By actively cleansing and detoxifying your body you will be able to prevent chronic diseases, boost your immune system from the ground up, increase your energy levels, improve your mental acuity, slow aging, and lose weight. NATUREAL has identified this issue and worked hard to develop a state of the art, all-natural, and science-backed detoxifier formula. NATUREAL's BODY CLEANSE is the market's best cleanse for detoxing the body, bar none. If you are looking to improve your nutrition, enhance your physical performance, rejuvenate your skin, or simply revitalize your life, then detoxing is the right thing to do.

Like every other product on the NATUREAL line of health, wellness, and weight loss products, the Body Cleanse is composed of an intricately crafted formula of all-natural ingredients. Let's take a closer look.

BLACK WALNUT HULLS: Black walnuts are considered a super food and are widely used for their many beneficial properties (Bhargava, et al., 1968). When the hulls are harvested green, they can act as a powerful anthelmintic, which means they can help get rid of parasitic infestations. The hulls also contain potent tannins with antibacterial properties. Black walnut hulls are very efficient in burning up accumulated toxins and can even help with breaking down adipose deposits. They are also rich in anti-oxidants so you will experience a boost to your immune system. Research has shown promise in the field of cancer prevention and tumor inhibition.

CHLORELLA: This unassuming alga can serve as a powerful source of energy because it is so densely packed with nutrients. About sixty percent of its weight is pure protein; Chlorella is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids. One of its most beneficial properties is its ability to bind to heavy metals such as cadmium and lead; this allows chlorella to spur the detoxing process. Chlorella can also significantly improve renal function by lowering the stress of accumulated toxins. Recent studies have shown that chlorella can improve blood cholesterol levels. Chlorella extracts are rich in antioxidants such as chlorophyll, lycopene, and beta-carotene; and studies have shown a correlation between chlorella consumption and reduced aging in genes (Wu, Li-chen, et al., 2005).

HYSSOP: This herbaceous plant native to Europe is used to make essential oils rich in thujone and phenol which are potent antiseptics. Hyssop oils have potent expectorant effects, and so they are commonly used as cough suppressants. Few other plants have more powerful purifying properties than hyssop. Hyssop can be used to treat circulation disorders such as rheumatism, and gout. It also has a powerful anti-spasmodic effect and can help alleviate muscular cramps. Because of its substantial diuretic effect, it aids in detoxing by efficiently and hastily removing accumulated toxins through urine (Fernández‐López, J., et al. 2003)

LYCOPENE:  Lycopene is undoubtedly one of the most active phytochemicals found in nature (Di Mascio et al., 1998). It has potent anti-oxidant properties and studies have strongly suggested a correlation between lycopene ingestion and reduced risk of cancer. Lycopene consumption has also been linked to improved fertility in men. 

PSYLLIUM: Psyllium is a fiber made from the husks of a plant called Plantago Ovata. Most benefits associated with Psyllium are related to gastrointestinal health. It is a bulk-forming laxative, which means that it absorbs water and makes bowel movements more regular and more comfortable to excrete. Patients suffering from Crohn's disease are primarily benefited. Psyllium also acts as a prebiotic and promotes the cultivation of healthy gut bacteria which further enhances intestinal function. Psyllium has been linked with improved cardiac health and lower serum cholesterol levels (Singh, et al., 2007).

SLIPPERY ELM BARK: Despite its amusing name, slippery elm is a powerful component of any detox formula. Its mucilage is highly therapeutic and has been used by Native American populations as a soothing agent (Anderson, et al., 1934). It is particularly powerful in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disorders. Slippery elm bark can also act as a diuretic and to promote more efficient blood circulation; this has the effect of mobilizing toxins and excess salts and metals so that they are more efficiently excreted from the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful ally in the fight against cancer.

NATUREAL's Body Cleanse is packed with superfoods and other beneficial components. This was just a quick look at some of the ingredients found in its expertly dosed formula. If you are looking for the best cleanse for detoxing the body then look no further; NATUREAL presents the customer with a superior alternative to anything found on the market. The Body Cleanse will improve your immune system, stimulate circulation, and enhance excretion of all manners of dangerous toxins and accumulated pollutants. Two capsules a day right before dinner is all you need to take a proactive role in the fight against toxicity.

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