Advantages of Grounding For Health

 Advantages of Grounding For Health

Grounding, which also goes by the name of “earthing” means to have direct contact to the earth like walking barefoot. Researchers have gone onto conclude that there are countless benefits when we ground. Some of these benefits include improvement in sleeping patterns, inflammation and decreasing pain.

Grounding or "Earthing"

It may sound strange that walking around barefoot on grass or soil can improve our health, but there are actually scientific reasons that back up these benefits. When the earth lets off negative electrons, these penetrate into our bodies when walking barefoot. The electrons offer dramatic advantages that most of us are unaware of.

Grounding Can Decrease Inflammation And Free Radicals In The Body
Free radicals produce from the rays of the sun, electronic devices, cigarettes, x-rays and a number of chemicals. We constantly have to battle free radicals and it is near to impossible in avoiding them. The free radicals are associated with metabolic processes. However, an excess of them can result in chronic diseases and harm to our bodies.
Research has indicated that the antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are what add to the inflammatory responses of our body’s. Grounding or earthing have antioxidant effects, which disarm free radicals that result in a reduction in inflammation.

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Improve Your Mood
Many find that a few hours spent walking barefoot in their backyard or on the beach is a real mood booster. A study conducted by Gaétan Chevalier involved participants that grounded for just 1 hour reported an improvement in mood, compared to people who are not grounded. This study concluded that more studies are required. However, with the confirmed positive effectives, grounding may be a method to lower stress, anxiety and depression.

Grounding Can Improve Sleep
If you suffer from insomnia or chronic sleep problems, grounding may assist you in getting enough sleep in the way of decreasing your Cortisol levels. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a study that involved participants that grounded while sleeping with a conductive-mattress pad experienced lower levels of nighttime Cortisol and participants 24-hour Circadian Cortisol profiles also became close to normal. Cortisol is recognized as the “stress hormone,” which decreases the quality-of-sleep.

It Accelerates Wound Healing And Tissue Repair
Reports have shown that the Tour De France racers used Earthing Recovery Bags successfully for tissue recovery and repair with outstanding results. Earthing Recovery Bag looks like a sleeping bag that cocoons the athlete in “energy” which offers healing properties. If you are in search of ways to accelerate tissue repair practice yoga, meditate or exercise barefoot and outdoors. This is a free way to incorporate grounding into your life and take advantage of the benefits that the elite athletes experience. This site has a wide range of earthing shoes that can help with grounding too.

It Boosts Heart Health
The CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has reported on the fact that heart diseases happen to be the main causes of deaths in the U.S. These statistics include around 610,000 deaths every year. One of the grounding studies states that grounding or earthing boost heart-health by decreasing blood clumping and viscosity. In essence, grounding increases Zeta in the red-blood cells. These cells possess negative electrical charges. Once negative charges become greater, these cells repel one-another. This is what improves the blood flow in the body. People that use blood thinners should talk to their doctor before grounding on a daily basis.

Decrease PMS Symptoms
PMS, better known as Premenstrual Syndrome are symptoms that include depression, headaches, fatigue, irritability and bloating. The traditional methods of relieving these symptoms include lifestyle changes and medications that are in most cases not effective. Grounding can relieve PMS symptoms by decreasing Cortisol. Stress is what results in increased Cortisol levels and often makes PMS a lot worse. Many women reported improvement of PMS symptoms after actively practice grounding. Other benefits of grounding are that it reduces inflammation and pain, which is commonly associated with PMS symptoms.

Grounding Can Assist You In Recovering After Workouts
Muscle aches after a workout is typically known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a typical side-effect of new or strenuous exercise. There happen to be a number of ways to relieve this pain which includes foam rolling, massage, ice packs and supplements. One study derived from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has shown grounding as an effective solution to speed up recovery times after work-outs.

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