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 NATUREAL - Your Health, Wellness & Weight Loss Solution

As the world’s best value for dietary supplements, we are dedicated to forging the path for quality, holistic health supplements to help you live your best life naturally. Our entire line of dietary supplements promote the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones no matter where you are in your journey for a higher quality of life. Developed by an expert team of researchers and nutritionists committed to sourcing the best nutrients based on science, so that you will feel results. Natureal, your new leader in transition weight supplement management. 


Our Holistic Approach—Backed by Science
Natureal’s extensive line of dietary supplements provides the highest quality natural ingredients based on proven, unbiased research and sound science. Our products are free of unnecessary synthetics and developed with real, wholesome ingredients blended carefully for your body. At Inaffit, we promise to continue to provide holistic nutrition options and raise the bar for excellent health without compromise. 

Grade A Development for Grade A Supplements
Our facilities maintain continuous cGMP compliance and have consistently exceeded our reviews by Quality Assurance Teams and third party laboratories. Each product has been tested to ensure that they meet all specifications for purity, potency, strength and composition per the label. We know you take your health seriously. That’s why we do too. 


Your Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle
Understanding the importance of health education is the key to holistic dietary success. That’s why, in addition to providing both men and women with superior dietary supplements. sports nutrition and weight loss solutions, we are devoted to providing you with proactive health guidance every step of the way. Our mission is to educate and empower you with the tools to achieve optimal health by enhancing your lifestyle. We’ve dedicated ourselves to educating our customers on how to restore your digestive health, identifying the best supplements, and teaching ins and outs of fat and weight loss management, glycemic control and blood pressure management for results that last. There’s more to weight loss than just the occasional detox and a gym membership. Increase your quality of life, and take the journey with Natureal to optimize your health today. 

Tiffani S. Smith, the CEO & Founder of Inaffit, LLC 

 Tiffani S. Smith, CEO & Founder of INAFFIT, LLC

Tiffani S. Smith, CEO & Founder of INAFFIT, LLC

A health and wellness coach with a passion for helping others enhance their quality of life, Tiffani S. Smith founded Inaffit, LLC to help people discover the benefits to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

After suffering a deeply traumatic and painful accident in March of 2015, Tiffani was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia as a result of the multiple car crash’s impact. The accident left Tiffani—a once gregarious and social person, in extreme pain with a now incurable disease.

Tiffani was prescribed a host of drugs and medicine, including injections, steroids and synthetic opiods that made her feel like a walking zombie, mask chronic pain that she felt throughout her body, experience brain fog, have trouble sleeping, gained 30 lbs. and oftentimes could feel the nerves running through her body. Her new norm was asking, "Lord why me? I've always been a good person, with good intentions and a big heart." Her once happy go lucky days turned into bad days and very, very bad days suppressed with tears and overwhelmed with excruciating muscle and tissue pain from someone embracing her with a mere hug because she's a hugger.

Troubled by America’s growing obesity epidemic and constantly challenged by her own personal struggles on her journey back to health, Tiffani was faced with the reality that her new condition isn't going anywhere.  She has a new appreciation on life. To find herself being constantly asked "why are you always smiling" to falling into a state of depression filled with self-pity she made the decision to take matters of her health into her own hands.

Tiffani engrossed herself into books and researched scientific studies with proven, natural remedies that decrease inflammation, improve the brain gut connection, regulate proper functioning of the brain to reduce the sensations affecting the way our brain processes pain signals, improve physical performance, remove toxins from the body, regulate metabolism, treat chronic fatigue, improve arthritis, repair skin cells, damaged tissue and skeletal muscles - things that are all centered around health, nutrition and wellness to help the everyday consumer that are suffering in silence. 

Inaffit’s dedication to provide quality, effective holistic health skyrocketed the company to give rise to a full line of dietary supplements—Natureal. Since their launch, Inaffit and Natureal have both helped thousands of people battling with health issues transform their habits and change their lives for the better.

Mother Nature focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature. Tiffani's earthly, motherly and beautiful spirit wants everyone to be able to experience the POWER of nature through Natureal. She was determined to not be defeated by her pain. We don't know what pains you but we do know that we've taken the guess work out of you trying to figure out what "really works" by merging nature with science into Natureal holistic supplements, and sports nutrition.

Our support doesn't stop after you make a purchase. Tiffani and her team continue to interact with the customers of Inaffit and Natureal. So whether you need an accountability partner throughout your lifestyle journey, could use health and fitness tips to keep you focused, are struggling to lose weight, want to finally stop holding in your stomach, get rid of your back fat, handle those not so lovely "love handles," tone and maintain your existing weight, bulk up, take the guesswork out of healthy, tasty recipes and/or just simply want to be a part of a NO JUDGMENT ZONE COMMUNITY that genuinely cares about your health and well-being - we've got ya covered.  

Cheers to allowing us help you regain clarity and discovering the healthiest, happiest, strongest and energetic version of you, naturally!