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Alternative, Holistic, or Naturopathic Medicine…No matter what you call it, as healthcare continues to transform, NATUREAL is devoted to the continued development of natural living, wellness, and being in optimal shape. 

As the world's best overall value for dietary supplements, NATUREAL is committed to supplying superior quality weight management, and holistic nutrition options that meet the demands of our customers without compromise.

Our facilities maintain continuous adherence to cGMP compliance and superior standards through consistent review by our Quality Assurance Teams and Third Party Laboratories.  

We have evolved to become a recognized and reputable brand within the industry and worked hard to earn the loyalty of millions of satisfied consumers and health food retailers worldwide with our emphasis on high quality at every stage.

NATUREAL represents living a REAL life in a NATURAL way.


About the CEO & Founder

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I am Tiffani S. Smith, the CEO & Founder of INNAFIT, LLC. I am a wellness coach with a passion to help people maximize their life. Our goal is to help you discover the most suitable lifestyle that enables you to live a healthy, balanced and happy life. This is what INNAFIT is all about. 

While millions of people all over the world are dying of starvation, the reverse seems to be the case in America today, as so many people find themselves afflicted with obesity and gut health issues. 

Now, a little about me. Prior to being involved in a ghastly multi-automobile accident in March 2015, I was a very gregarious and socialable person. I was shattered by the accident and later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia, as a result of the impact. I went from being completely healthy, and gregarious to having extremely painful, very bad days to manageable bad days. Life changed for me for more than one and a half years.

Determined not to give up, I took an inventory of my life, and I quickly remembered that living with this condition is not the end of my world.  Despite, the fact that this was an uncurable disease and a condition that left me with a sedentary, inactive lifestyle staring me right in the face. Then, a spark ignited within me, a deep interest in health, fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. This incident and research led me to focus on the extended line of products that we recently launched (going from one natural fat burner to enhancing the formula and adding six new products that complement NATUREAL and the notion of living a healthy lifestyle.  

INNAFIT, LLC has since recorded success and keeps getting better with notable frontline collections that include weight loss, detox and total transformation kits.  Moreover, we provide a complimentary Wellness Guide to encourage healthy habits while providing fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle tips. We are overjoyed to hear how we have helped thousands of people manage and/or overcome health related issues as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and autoimmune conditions.

We keep trying to do and touch more lives with expert, interactive coaching, as well as premium effective products. 

So if you find yourself weighed down by health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle burdens, stop your worries by contacting us today. If you can do that, then we can assure you that your solution is just around the corner.